Online course launched – Gillian Whitehead’s “Lullaby For Matthew”

Earlier this year I did some work for SOUNZ, revising and updating one of their most popular secondary teaching resources (Gillian Whitehead’s “Lullaby For Matthew”) for re-release as an online course. The course was officially launched this week.

It was a pleasure working with Gillian and getting to know this special work intimately. I highly recommend this course to teachers looking for a rewarding NZ work to study at Level 1, or a way to introduce composition in the high school classroom. Gillian’s “Lullaby” really is a stunning lesson in how experienced composers use many of the composing “tools” we talk about so often (sequence, inversion etc.) to shape ideas into beautiful music.

Check out the intro video below and visit the SOUNZ website to purchase access to the resource.