How to annotate the Study Guide

Teachers, you can add notes to your study guide using your .pdf reader software.

I use an Apple computer, and in my app (Preview) I go to ->Tools ->Annotate ->Add Note. This brings up a side view and adds a note wherever the cursor was in my document. See the screen shot below – I did an example to show you. There is a symbol next to the text and a note off to the side with a task for students to complete.

screen shot

You can make notes and tasks for your students without editing the Study Guide itself.

These notes can be turned off and on using ->View ->Show/Hide Notes

If you purchased the site license you can distribute a copy of your annotated version of the Study Guide to each student and then they can make their own study notes and even complete your tasks right in the document, writing their answers in a note.

In my app, using ->Show Inspector I can change the colour of my note and change the icon that appears in the text (to suit a comment, question etc.). This could be useful for differentiating between notes, tasks, questions etc.

As there are so many .pdf readers out there I can’t help much more than this, other than to say look for Annotate, Make Note, Comment, or that sort of thing.

Hope this helps you make the most of the Study Guide!